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Beaches, Hammocks, & Cruiser Bikes

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I Need More Beaches, Hammocks, and Cruiser Bikes in my Life.
Santa Teresa, Costa Rica

Santa Teresa is a small town in Puntarenas Province, Costa Rica on the southwestern tip of the Nicoya Peninsula. The lush jungles roll off the small surrounding hills and are primarily undisturbed while extending out to and hugging the miles and miles of white sandy beaches. The never-ending consistent turquoise breaks are always dotted with surfers throughout the day as onlookers relax in shady groves along the beach, watching in appreciation. Once a small remote fishing village, Santa Teresa has now become a lively town after travelers from around the world came for their short surf vacations, but couldn’t convince themselves to ever leave. This in-pouring of outsiders produced new foreign restaurants and bars as well as various hotels and hostels providing the tiny town with a worldly atmosphere.

Beaches Costa Rica

The one main road through town is dusty, rutted out, and narrow at points. Colorful homes entwined the dense jungle, boutique hotels dotted the hills around, and neon Imperial signs lined the road every 30 meters. Surf bros in colorful board shorts strutted across the road and gorgeous girls in bikinis meandered along with big smiles, everyone lugging their surf boards ahead. The only other traffic around consisted of cruiser bikes and ATVs.

We weren’t even out of the car yet and it was already calming.

Beaches Costa Rica

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