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Bioluminescence & A Dream Boat – Tao Expeditions (Day 2)

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Bioluminescence & A Dream Boat – Tao Expeditions (Day 2)
Palawan, Philippines

After a few hours struggling with my ‘seafood intolerance,’ I was at least functioning again, but since I was feeling weak, dazed, and unsocial so I just grabbed some water and my camera and stumbled down to the beach on Linapacan Island.

Tao Expeditions Palawan Philippines

I was shooting some night shots of camp when Gener, our expedition leader, came trotting up with Amo, his four-month-old ‘Pirate Dog,’ and asked me if I wanted to see something cool.


So a few of us wandered out 25 meters off shore into ankle deep water. He instructed us to turn off our lights as he started swinging his feet through the plankton. Flashes of little blue-ish purple lights started illuminating everywhere he touched. He then started jumping around and coaxing Amo to run in circles, creating loops of subtle lights. Unfortunately I was unable to capture a picture of the Bio-luminescence (the bursts were too quick… not even sure where to start with that one), but the crew on the boat had lit it up offshore.

It might have been my shaken state of mind at the time, but the whole night still kind of feels like a dream.

Tao Expeditions Palawan Philippines


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