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Bridal Veil Falls – Telluride

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Bridal Veil Falls
Telluride, Colorado

Bridel Veil Falls – We followed Ophir Road down Howard Fork, through the town of Ophir, and popped out on to Route 145 to head back north. It was the first time I had seen Telluride in the summertime and driving to the end of town, we saw the dirt road heading up to Bridal Veil Falls.

In keeping with the mindset that had been prevalent throughout the weekend, we figured ‘why not?’

Bridal Veil Falls is a 365′ two pronged waterfall and the the tallest free falling falls in Colorado. Situated at the top is a privately owned power plant that no provides about 25% of Telluride’s demand for electricity. The plant was originally used to power the Smuggler-Union Mine and is the second-oldest operating AC generator in the United States, the first being the nearby Ames Hydroelectric Generating Plant by Ophir.

We knew none of that as we drove the 1.8 miles up 1,200 feet along yet another shelf road. We envisioned standing right up top of the falls, but due to the area being private property, we couldn’t really get near anything.

The views back to Telluride were incredible.

Bridal Veil Falls Telluride Colorado

Bridal Veil Falls Telluride Colorado

Bridal Veil Falls Telluride Colorado

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