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Driving the Road to Hana is Awesome!

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Driving the Road to Hana is Awesome!
Maui, Hawaii

The famous Road to Hana hugs the southeastern coast of Maui twisting along sheer cliffs and through lush valleys bursting with waterfalls. And I love me some scenic road trips so I was so excited to spend a day driving it.

It was actually even more awesome than I expected.

Three Bear Falls. (Shot literally from the highway.)
Wai’anapanapa State Park
There were so many waterfalls, I honestly don’t even remember this one.
Falls of Makahiku, Haleakala National Park
Waimoku Falls, Haleakala National Park
Haleakala National Park

The bummer part about driving the Road to Hana for me was that it’s a beautiful, beautiful drive, but at the same time, I found it really tough to photograph. Much of it is in an incredible lush jungle so you might see a gorgeous waterfall through the maze of trees, but it’ll be tough to get a good angle on it for a solid picture.

We were also there when there has been some pretty nasty flash flooding – Twin Falls was closed because of the rushing water, I tried hiking in to another fall, but the trail was cut off by a raging river, and even when I hiked to a couple other falls, I couldn’t even get my camera out because of the spray exploding from the base.

And to top it off, the few times I attempted to fly my drone I had signal issues as well.

I definitely want to go back and give it another go…

Tips for Driving the Road to Hana:

  • Believe the Warnings. First off, I thought I was this big badass who drives gnarly roads all the time through Colorado and Utah… the Road to Hana is another level. Even though the whole thing is paved, it is definitely not smooth sailing. The road had crumbled away at one point, the rest of it needs to be redone, there are one lane bridges over waterfalls and then one-lane curves along a cliffside… all being navigated by us tourists most likely driving faster than they should be. It’s gnarly and slow-going, but not in a scary way. And awesome.
  • Start Early! To add to that point, we got like a 4am start from Wailea and my wife, who had done the drive before, kept telling me that this was going to literally take all day. I thought she was crazy… she was right. It was a solid 12-13 hour tour with all the stops and hiking.
  • Have Your Supplies. Gas, food, water, everything. There is not much along the route at all.
  • Research & Pick Your Spots. Unless your spending multiple days on this drive, you’re not going to have time to see everything. Prioritize what you want to see. I did this and like I said, it was still 12-13 hours.

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