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Finally Making Some Progress

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Finally Making Some Progress

I’ve been non-existent on here since I came back from Southeast Asia [insert busy/tired/lazy excuse here…] with nearly 350gbs of RAW files and video to start sorting through and now after having been back for a month, I’m finally making some good progress on processing everything. I got working real hard over the past two weeks, but overall, I’ll admit that I’m disappointed in my Thailand pictures. For one, I spent too much time drinking some big Singhas and lounging at Chill Bar at Tonsai. I don’t completely regret that drunken laziness because it was really nice, but I should have gotten up for a sunrise or two and not been buzzin’ by dinner each night. Oh well, it did feel good to lay around on an awesome beach and do nothing but throw back beers, listen to some music, and not think thoughts. (“Let’s drink until we can’t feel feelings…”)

But secondly, I’m pretty pissed I didn’t have a smaller camera with me. I was going to bring one, but figured it was just one more thing to carry, one more charger to bring, and one more thing to worry about losing. Of course I had my Nikon D7000, but I incorrectly assumed I would use the camera on my phone more. The Nikon D7000 just turned out to be more of a pain in the ass to drag in/out of my bag and I honestly didn’t want a $2200 camera on me at all times (with the 18-300mm Nikkor). Like when motorbiking through the Chiang Rai countryside, it would have been nice to have a camera in my pocket as opposed to having to stop the bike, flip my pack around, and get the D7000 out. Just lots of moments on the trip were missed.

I did have my GoPro Hero 2, but I’m completely disappointed with the image and video quality on it and even though I don’t have much experience with it, but right now I think that’s one of the more overrated and overhyped products out there. Maybe my standards are too high, but so far, I haven’t found too many ‘keepers’ off there at all (including video). I just wish I had had a decent point-and-shoot where I could shoot from the hip the whole trip.

From what I’ve gone through, I’ve definitely got some pictures to be excited about, but I have a severe lack of pictures of our group (and me) and part of the experience. At least my buddy Garrett had his Nikon 5100 out the whole time and shot like 20,000 pictures. I’ll just steal his experiences…

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