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Holland, Return to the Motherland…

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Holland, Return to the Motherland…
Etten-Leur & Delft

It’s not exactly something that comes up in everyday conversation and people I’ve known for years don’t even necessarily know – I used to live in Holland when I was little. When I was six-years-old, my Dad’s company simply asked him if he wanted to relocate to the Netherlands and so we found ourselves living in Voorschoten outside of The Hague for three years. It was an incredible experience, but since I was so young, all my memories consisted more of flickering moments rather than cognizant recollections.

When our now-extended family threw a huge party (fine, a “wedding”) in August, I finally got back to Holland after 19 years. The trip was not about photography at all; It was about spending time with friends and family. But I toured around a bunch and snapped some pics along the way…


Oude Kerk



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