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Many Glacier

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The Many Glacier Area
Glacier National Park, Montana

The Great Road Trip of 2015

Since I had already driven Going-to-the-Sun Road a couple of times, I figured I’d check out the Many Glacier area before heading to Canada the next morning. Considered the heart of the park, the Many Glacier area of Glacier National Park is a hiker’s paradise with trails radiating out in every direction through massive mountains, sparkling lakes, and active glaciers. The small glaciers seen today sculpt the land in much the same way as the larger ancient ice-age glaciers did; slowly grinding away on the mountains, carving rock and leaving a changed landscape.

Many Glacier

Once again, it was the kind of day where the weather wasn’t great and it might clear. Sunny and warm one moment, cloudy, cold, and flurrying the next. Many Glacier is a small area of the park in terms of drive-ability so after I made quick work or seeing what I could see by pavement, I set off to explore Grinnell Glacier.

Many Glacier

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