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Moab Fail. Well, kind of…

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Moab Fail. Well, kind of…
Moab, Utah

With some random days off and warm weather in the mountains, I figured I’d head out to Moab for some camping. I rolled into Dead Horse Point State Park just before sundown and it was hell of a lot colder than was predicted. The 20mph winds were supposed to have subsided midday, but were still furiously blowing just making it really unsettling for me having my four-month-old puppy and camera on top of a 1000ft cliff. Sunset was totally worth it though…

Moab Utah Dead Horse Point State Park

I got back to camp and even though the wind died down, it just continued to get colder and colder. By the time I went to bed with a nice liquid (whiskey) blanket on around 10:30, it was already 32°. My dog was miserable all night, staying up whining and whimpering, in turn, not allowing me to sleep at all. Finally when I got up for sunrise at 6:30a.m. and turned the car on, I had a 23° reading on the dashboard – So much for the low of 46° that had been predicted when I had made my plans (and double-checked that afternoon!).

Still frozen, I made my way to the top of Long Canyon right at the entrance of Dead Horse Point State Park and after all my sunrises in Moab I’ve gotten up for, I finally got a fairly good show with the clouds lighting up real well.

Long Canyon Moab Utah Dead Horse

I really wanted to get a mountain bike ride in and since I was solo, I didn’t want to do anything intense so I went back into Dead Horse and lapped the Big Chief Loop on the Intrepid System. I knew it was an easy trail that’s more sandy than rocky and a very quick 9 mile loop. I was making my second loop when I came around a corner too quickly, slid out a bit, rammed a rock, and Supermanned the handle bars. So much for playing it safe. But at least I landed in mainly sand and avoided the bruised/fractured/broken rib(s) of a few years ago.

Battered, but at least feeling good for getting a ride in, I ran around the park a bit more before driving out Long Canyon (which is awesome). I wanted to run my pup around so I pulled into the parking lot for Corona Arch figuring a hike would wear her out. Having been running her around the desert 30 minutes earlier before Long Canyon, I was really surprised to find a giant puddle of piss in the trunk, also known as ‘our bed’ for the night…not happy.

Then as I set up for breakfast in the parking lot, some thicker clouds rolled in and just as my burrito finished cooking, it began to absolutely pour. The weatherman with their “10% chance of precipitation” had once again nailed it. Instead of hiking, I packed back up and and went in to town to check my phone only see a huge precipitation spot on the radar coming our way.. Not only that, but the high for the day was supposed to be around 70° and we were hovering around 50°. It was extremely disappointing. I hadn’t fully made my decision yet, but with the way I felt on no sleep and how the weather was turning out, I had the feeling I was heading home that afternoon instead of out to Hatch Point for another night.

Leaving town, I decided to check out Onion Creek off Route 128. I had been driving past the signs for years and never ventured back to see what’s there. It’s spectacular – A real easy road winding along and through the creek through as solid cliffs and tall hoodoos rise up the whole way. I stopped for a bit at an empty campsite to let Teneya run around and stretch her legs and of course the moment I threw the tennis ball, little pings of hail began to bounce off everything. As we piled back into the car, it began to come down so hard, it was more like snow covering the ground. Images of experiencing a flash flood a few years ago began to run through my head and since the road was along and went through this small creek, I figured it was best to get out of there.

Having a GoPro Hero 2 for a year and never really doing anything with it, I wanted to use it on this trip. On the drive out of Onion Creek, I let it run the whole way out while experimenting with changing out the position (perspective) on the car to get some varying footage. The suction cup I used was rated up to like 100mph (or even higher I think) and as I secured it to my driver’s side door, I made sure everything was clean and dry and that it was really stuck on there. About three minutes after starting back up, I hear something hit the ground just as I’m about to cross the creek. And just like that, goodbye GoPro Hero 2… screw it. I’m going home.

So extremely low temperatures, miserable weather, Supermanning my handlebars, dog piss in my bed, and smashing a $300 camera. Not the most successful Moab trip on my books. I guess I’ll try again in May.

At least I captured a couple beautiful shots…

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  1. Katie says:

    Sorry for your misadventures Brendan. But, hopefully, it won’t get worse in the future!

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