• Brendan Caffrey One for the Road | Vail Valley, Colorado

Brendan Caffrey is a professional landscape, travel, lifestyle & adventure, real estate, and portrait photographer based in the Vail Valley of Colorado. He always had an affection for both travel and photography, but they were passions that were not fully realized until he moved to Colorado in 2007. Now those passions have grown in to full-blown obsessions, spending much of his free time in pursuit of that next great trip to capture those next iconic images. He’s found that photography often provides the motivation to travel to new places, even if that place is only right down the road. It is his motivation to explore deep in to wilderness areas, despite the fact that the weather might be better suited for a Netflix marathon from his couch. And photography is motivation for him to get up at cruel hours of the morning that shouldn’t exist.

Currently, he is the Assistant General Manager & Director of Marketing for a small ski lodge in the heart of Beaver Creek Ski Resort. The seasonality of working at a ski resort allows him to travel during the off-seasons in the pursuit of his next great adventure…

For a compilation of his work, visit his portfolio section or if you’re interested in hiring him for an assignment, please see his services page or send an email to [email protected]