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Rollin’ Solo – Traveling Alone

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Rollin’ Solo – Traveling Alone

I’m writing this on a Wednesday night in the middle of the Utah desert. I’m staring at the fading light on the horizon above Canyonlands National Park, Dead Horse Point State Park lies over a thousand feet above my head, and the mighty Colorado River sits clouded in the dark at least 500ft below me at the base of a sheer cliff. The new Lord Huron album ‘Lonesome Dreams’ is blasting away on the car stereo, cheddar brats are frying on the grill, and an amazing Snake River Brewery Paco’s IPA sits in a koozie in my camp chair. And other than the blaring screen of this tablet, there’s not another light in sight.

“Doesn’t it suck traveling to all those places alone?”

Traveling Alone Moab Utah

I heard that question a lot this year.

Yeah, it can totally suck. But go back and read that first paragraph again. Life’s not exactly too bad right now.

And life wasn’t too bad at any of the places I’ve been traveled to on my own over the past year.

Fortunately or unfortunately, this is what happens when my work schedule doesn’t correspond with my friends’ schedules. Would I prefer to have someone along with me? Sometimes. But typically when I set out on these trips now, I have my ‘photography goals’ in mind so a lot of times, it’s easier to be on my own – I can get up for sunrise and go and do what I want do without waiting for someone else to get up and pack up their shit. I don’t have to worry that I’m pissing someone else off if I’m stopping the car every 100 feet to snap a picture along a jeep trail. And I can get back to camp at 10p.m. without taking away from someone else’s happy hour and relaxing time around a fire.  Being on my own timetable can completely make it worth it. But yes, there are definitely other times when having someone with me would make the trip more enjoyable.

Which trip would I prefer? Probably a combination, but until I find a girl who doesn’t work, is independently wealthy, and willing to support me and take these trips, I’ll settle for either one.


Colorado River Canyonlands Moab Utah

…I’m now a couple beers deep, tunes are still blasting from the stereo, the stars are getting really bright, and am getting up in 8 hours to watch the sun rise over the Colorado River from inside Canyonlands.

Again, rollin’ solo’s not exactly too bad…

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