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Seafood Intolerance – Tao Expeditions (Day 2)

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Seafood Intolerance – Tao Expeditions (Day 2)
Palawan, Philippines

It hit me like a ton of bricks… either the seafood from lunch didn’t agree with me or after 32 years, I found out that I now got sea sick. I laid on my back in a small corner of shade on the bamboo deck, while everyone else seemed to break out the late-afternoon Pilsens. For me, I could tell that it wasn’t a question of ‘if’ I was going to be sick, but simply ‘when.’

Day two had started off as a blur, lingering effects of a late night bottle-service at the fiesta still rattling my head. I sloshed down the beach with a coffee in hand and hopped on a kayak – I was probably still half in the bag and judging by the blistering heat, it was already mid-morning. Having worked off the brandy, I was feeling good, chugging down water to just fight the heat. Our first stop for the day was Dimanlet Island for lunch and some snorkeling.

Tao Expeditions Palawan Philippines

I have never really eaten seafood, dating back to when I was young – I had some shrimp for dinner, woke up in my own vomit, and hadn’t been fond of seafood since. However, I have eaten it (especially shrimp) since that apparently traumatizing incident so I know I’m not allergic to it. I just don’t really enjoy the taste and in the case of lobster and crab, the reward it simply not worth the effort it takes. But I’m open minded and was on an adventure that I knew ahead-of-time would involve seafood so even though I didn’t really like the crab that was served for lunch that day, I at least wanted to finish the small portion I had taken. 

Tao Expeditions Palawan Philippines

An hour later, as I was snorkeling through some reefs, I just didn’t feel right – Nauseous, dehydrated, tired, and I even had some chills despite the 100º air back on the boat. By the time we dropped anchor at base camp, right at sundown, I wanted nothing more than to be at camp and on my mattress. But unfortunately to get to camp, we had to either swim or wait for a kayak ride. I hated both options at that point.

Tao Expeditions Palawan Philippines

As the sun set and the crew was slicing up fresh coconuts for dinner, I ‘fed the fish’ right off the back of the boat. Feeling like I was about to pass out, I hopped the next available kayak, and went right to the hut, lying down on the bamboo floor and tried to make the room stop spinning.

Tao Expeditions Palawan Philippines


When talking about it later around my dinner of plain white rice with a dabble of coconut curry sauce (every else’s dinner looked amazing!), someone phrased up my sickness as “seafood intolerance,” which I really think works. I introduced a commonly risky food that my system was not used to.

But despite feeling like death, somehow I look back and think to myself that it really wasn’t even all that bad…

Tao Expeditions Palawan Philippines

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