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Simplistic Siargao, Philippines

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Simplistic Siargao
Siargao, Philippines

Starting to get a bit stircrazy at the bungalow, I wandered in to town in search of some water and a quick coffee. We were staying in General Luna, one of the touristy areas of Siargao on the southeastern tip of the tear-drop shaped island, but in walking through town, even the adjective of “laid back” that I had read so many times actually seemed to be an understatement.* Streets were deserted, small shops were closed down, a few restaurants in shacks were empty, locals were napping at the market, and to my dismay, I couldn’t even find a coffee; One women looking at me like I was bat-shit crazy (hopefully due to the blistering heat) when I asked her.

Siargao is known for its surfing, even hosting a World Surf League Cup each September at Cloud 9, three kilometers up the eastern shore from General Luna. But other than its incredible surf spots (because honestly, I wouldn’t know), Siargao is a tropical paradise – perfect powdery white beaches, vivid turquoise water, terrific rock formations and caves, endless rice fields, and more palm trees than I’ve ever seen.

Siargao Philippines

There was really nothing going on either. This wasn’t a party spot, there weren’t museums or landmarks to meander around, and it didn’t seem to be a place for massive adventures. Just a tropical paradise to relax at. And surf, if you’re in to that sort of thing.

When not on a motor bike exploring around, my time was split between a hammock under two palm trees, piss-warm pool, white sand beach, and beachfront bar (that I had to myself)…

We went to Siargao for the simplicity. Fortunately, we got less.

Cherinicole Resort

Cherinicole Resort Siargao Philippines

Cloud 9:

Cloud 9 Siargao Philippines

Cloud 9 Siargao Philippines

Circumferential Road

Circumferential Road Siargao Philippines

General Luna Market & Pier

General Luna Siargao Philippines

General Luna Siargao Philippines

General Luna Siargao Philippines

General Luna Siargao Philippines

General Luna Siargao Philippines

*We were out of peak surfing season which is August to November.

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2 Responses to "Simplistic Siargao, Philippines"
  1. Siargao really still looks virgin unlike Boracay it really has the rustic charm just hoping it will remain that way

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