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Sunset at Delicate Arch in Arches National Park

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Sunset at Delicate Arch
Arches National Park, Utah

Sunset at Delicate Arch – After shooting sunrise at Mesa Arch, my next ‘goal’ to shoot sunset at Delicate Arch in Arches National Park… 11 hours later. I took care of some stuff in town and after a failed attempt to bag a campsite inside Arches’ Devil’s Garden, drove back out of the park to some sites I knew were right off Potash Road along the Colorado. I just wanted to establish a site and not have to hunt after dark so I got my tent set up quickly and got back on the road into the park.

I had been to Arches five or six times, but since a lot of the iconic arches are relatively close to parking areas, I had never done much hiking around the park. I decided to go to the North end and hike the whole 7.2 mile Devil’s Garden Primitive Loop past 8 different arches, including the famous Landscape Arch. It was a madhouse of oblivious people, but luckily since those people don’t stray very far from the confines of their cars, the trail thinned out pretty quick. It just felt good to be getting the exercise, enjoying the 80° heat, and seeing a whole new part of a park that I had got to know so well.

Landscape arch arches national park utah

Finding myself back at the car with still about three hours until sunset, I decided to just get up to Delicate Arch, kick back, pop some IPA,s and enjoy the view.

Delicate Arch is considered the most well-known arch in the world – The 65’ Entrada Sandstone arch freestands in front of a backdrop of the La Sal Mountains, while a large 40’ deep sandstone bowl sits at its base. And the whole thing seemed more like a Disneyworld attraction than anything else – There must have been 100 people on the rim with another 30 people standing at the base or near the arch. I found an open spot on the rim and kicked back against my pack, cracked a beer, and patiently waited.

sunset at delicate arch arches national park utah

Unfortunately it shaped up to be a lackluster sunset towards the La Sals, but with a different angle than I had envisioned, I at least captured a nice sunset to the west.

sunset at delicate arch arches national park utah

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