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Sunset at Moraine Lake – Banff National Park

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Sunset at Moraine Lake
Banff National Park, Alberta

The Great Road Trip of 2015

Continuing my misfortune with weather, I sat with false hope on top of the rockpile above Moraine Lake watching small breaks in the clouds let some light through; The peaks above mostly obscured by clouds. This was the spot on my trip that I was probably looking forward to the most. Moraine Lake is a beautiful, glacially-fed lake in the Valley of the Ten Peaks in Banff National Park. It’s known for its emerald-blue color that’s created by the refraction of light off the rock flour that is continually deposited in the lake and it’s the most photographed spot in Canada.

The sunset was shaping up to be a bust, but there was no sense in just going back to camp, so I chilled and kind of watched a film crew at work nearby – large camera rigs tethered to laptops and a lot of excitement. Another guy, who also seemed to be working, started some small talk with me – he was a local photographer out of Banff who was there shooting for a magazine cover; He was with the other crew who were local as well, shooting a commercial. Eventually another of his friends came up, and said, “Callum…” It turned out to be Callum Snape and Joel Schat (Wilderness Culture), whose work I had been following for a long time, mainly on Facebook and Instagram.

Moraine Lake

Kind of a bust of a sunset, but still a pretty cool night.

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(Joel’s shot that night, playing with some new waterproof toys.)

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