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A Sunset Stroll up the Telica Volcano

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A Sunset Stroll up the Telica Volcano
Leon, Nicaragua

The Telica Volcano is one of the most active volcanoes in Nicaragua with the most recent eruption in 2015. Since then, the volcano has registered over 64 small eruptions, including one that spewed ash all over Leon. The most prominent vent on the volcano is a 700 meter wide and 120 meter deep double crater at the summit and if the smoke isn’t billowing to heavily, you can actually watch the magma at the bottom of the crater.

I read so many other articles about the Telica volcano sunset hike telling tales of the perils of the trek, as if they were scaling Kilimanjaro… I must have ended up on a different trip because we simply drove down some dirt roads for a while before spending 30-minutes climbing to the crater and enjoying the sunset over the Nicaraguan countryside. I was out to dinner back in Leon by 8:30 p.m…

Telica Volcano

The trail to the crater. (The guy in the picture also sells beer!)

Telica Volcano

700 m wide / 120m deep crater

Telica Volcano

Staring out over the range.


Telica Volcano

Sunset through the smoke…

It was beautiful, but I still left there really bummed… I really, really wanted to get a shot of the glowing crater after sunset, but just as I got to the edge and set up, it started to just pour. I tried covering my camera with my rain jacket, but the wind was also howling way too hard to get a clean shot… I guess I’ll have to find some lava somewhere else.

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