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Pu’u Pee (Sweetheart Rock), Lanai

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Pu’u Pee (Sweetheart Rock)
Lanai, Hawaii

“On the southern coast of Lanai is picturesque Hulopoe Bay and Lanai’s main boat harbor, Manele Bay. Rising from the sea just between these two bays is the iconic Puu Pehe, or Sweetheart Rock. Besides being a picturesque natural landmark, Puu Pehe is also steeped in Hawaiian legend.

Legend tells of two lovers, a Hawaiian maiden named Pehe from Lahaina and a young warrior from Lanai named Makakehau. He was so taken with her beauty that whenever he laid eyes upon her they would mist up in tears. Hence his name: Maka (eyes) Kehau (mist). He took her back to Lanai and hid her in a sea cave at the base of Manele’s cliffs.

One day while gathering supplies he noticed a storm brewing and started back, only to find Pehe drowned by the surge of the storm waves. Stricken with grief, Makakehau gathered his beloved in his arms. He wailed out to the gods and his ancestors to help him climb the steep rock island where he eventually buried her. He then jumped from this 80-foot summit into the pounding surf below.” – (GoHawaii.com)

Sweetheart Rock is located just past Hulopoe Beach next to the Four Seasons Resort Lanai, where I got to spend a few nights. Being a quick 10-minute walk from my room at the resort, I spent a bunch of time shooting the iconic Lanai landmark and the tidepools surrounding the point…

Sweetheart Rock Lanai

Sweetheart Rock Lanai

Sweetheart Rock Lanai

Sweetheart Rock Lanai

Sweetheart Rock Lanai

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