Desert Shenanigans – The Annual Spring Moab Trip

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Desert Shenanigans – The Annual Spring Moab Trip Moab, Utah Sunset over Canyonlands National Park, 35 miles of mountain biking, an afternoon floating down the Colorado River baking in the sun, a hundred mortars, and sunrise over Arches National Park. I love the springtime desert shenanigans… One for the Road Photography – Shop & Prints

Hatch Point & the Anticline Overlook

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Hatch Point & the Anticline Overlook Moab, Utah I’ve probably camped in Kane Creek Canyon outside Moab, Utah, close to twenty times over the past eight years and many of those afternoons have been spent drinking some happy-hour beers while watching the sun dip behind the cliffs of Hurrah Pass and the Anticline Overlook. There […]

Courthouse Towers Sunset

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Courthouse Towers Sunset Arches National Park, Utah After realizing we couldn’t make it to Canyonlands in time for sunset, we were hoping to at least get some shots in Castle Valley on the way to camp. The sky was flat gray and looking really bleak as we drove down Route 128 on our way in to Moab. We had […]

More Mountain Biking Fixin’ – Moab 2015

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More Mountain Biking Fixin’ – Moab 2015 Not much to say on this one… March – 75º, sunny skies, 40 miles of mountain biking, and some blossoming moabs… The LaSals & Fisher Towers Route 128 Onion Creek   Kane Creek Camping Amasa Back / Hymasa / Pothole Arch “Ask any good rider to list their favorite […]

Spring Break in the Desert – Blossoming Moabs

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Spring Break in the Desert – Blossoming Moabs Moab, Utah Spring Break in the Desert: One day of amazing weather, one overcast yet dry day, and one pretty miserable one with 30 mph winds and torrential rain. The price to pay to see the blossoming Moabs this time of year. Uranium Arch Willow Springs The Gooseneck Along […]

A Lazy Afternoon in Arches National Park

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A Lazy Afternoon in Arches National Park Moab, Utah Double Arch is highly trafficked, to say the least. Most times I had visited, there must have been nearly 100 people clambering all over the sandstone. But this night was different. As I approached the colossal adjoining arches, there was only one family of three climbing down from […]

Remarkable Arches National Park

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Remarkable Arches National Park Moab, Utah Arches National Park in southeastern Utah has the highest concentration of natural stone arches in the world with over 2,000 documented arches dotting the landscape. The park sits atop an underground evaporite layer (salt bed). This salt bed was deposited in the Paradox Basin of the Colorado Plateau nearly 300 million […]

Moab Fail. Well, kind of…

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Moab Fail. Well, kind of… Moab, Utah With some random days off and warm weather in the mountains, I figured I’d head out to Moab for some camping. I rolled into Dead Horse Point State Park just before sundown and it was hell of a lot colder than was predicted. The 20mph winds were supposed to have […]

Rollin’ Solo – Traveling Alone

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Rollin’ Solo – Traveling Alone I’m writing this on a Wednesday night in the middle of the Utah desert. I’m staring at the fading light on the horizon above Canyonlands National Park, Dead Horse Point State Park lies over a thousand feet above my head, and the mighty Colorado River sits clouded in the dark […]

Turret Arch through North Window…

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Turret Arch through the North Window Arches National Park, Utah Turret Arch through the North Window – When I was at Landscape Arch the day before, I had talked to another amateur photographer, who told me he had shot Turret Arch through North Window, but he was also among 30 people clamoring for a spot on the […]

Sunset at Delicate Arch in Arches National Park

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Sunset at Delicate Arch Arches National Park, Utah Sunset at Delicate Arch – After shooting sunrise at Mesa Arch, my next ‘goal’ to shoot sunset at Delicate Arch in Arches National Park… 11 hours later. I took care of some stuff in town and after a failed attempt to bag a campsite inside Arches’ Devil’s Garden, drove back out […]

Sunrise at Mesa Arch, Canyonlands National Park

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Sunrise at Mesa Arch Canyonlands National Park, Utah Sunrise at Mesa Arch – For the last 3 weeks, the mountains of Colorado had experienced absurdly warm temperatures (60°+) just making me crave summer. I just couldn’t kick the nagging feeling I just had to get out of there for a few days so with a random […]