Playa Maderas, the anti-San Juan del Sur

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The anti-San Juan del Sur Playa Maderas, Nicaragua Once a sleepy fishing village, San Juan del Sur is now one of the more popular tourist destinations in Nicaragua and known for it’s surfing, yoga, and Partying (the capital ‘P’ is intentional…) – two activities I don’t do and one thing I’m not longer good at […]

Not Climbing Ometepe Island’s Volcanoes

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Not Climbing Ometepe Island’s Volcanoes Ometepe Island, Nicaragua Not Climbing Ometepe Island’s Volcanoes – Ometepe Island is comprised of two volcanoes rising out of Lake Nicaragua and joined in the middle by a thin, flat isthmus forming an hour-glass shape. The northern half of the island is dominated by Volcan Concepcion (1,610m / 5,280ft), a perfect […]

A Sunset Stroll up the Telica Volcano

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A Sunset Stroll up the Telica Volcano Leon, Nicaragua The Telica Volcano is one of the most active volcanoes in Nicaragua with the most recent eruption in 2015. Since then, the volcano has registered over 64 small eruptions, including one that spewed ash all over Leon. The most prominent vent on the volcano is a 700 […]

Volcano boarding in Nicaragua

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Volcano boarding in Nicaragua Leon, Nicaragua Volcano boarding in Nicaragua down Cerro Negro outside of Leon has become one of the main activities and tourist attractions for gringos like me visiting Nicaragua, but I really had no desire to do it. I live at a ski resort and spend four months a year sliding down […]

Little Corn Island… “Relaxed” Would be an Understatement

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“Relaxed” Would be an Understatement… Little Corn Island, Nicaragua Admittedly, travelling around the pristine beaches of the Philippines spoiled me. Like, real bad. Since then, I’ve been way too judgmental about other beautiful places I’ve been, but I can’t help it – The Philippines were just incredible. That being said, Little Corn Island was absolutely awesome… Situated […]

Colorful Granada, Nicaragua

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Colorful Granada Nicaragua I think Granada was the only city I visited in Central America that I truly liked and enjoyed my time in. The nearly 400 year-old city had an amazing mix of Latin American culture combined with the significant Spanish influence.* Founded in 1524 by Francisco Fernandez de Cordoba, it’s the oldest city in […]

San Ramon Waterfall, Isla de Ometepe

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San Ramon Waterfall Ometepe Island, Nicaragua The San Ramon Waterfall sits on the southern slope of the Maderas Volcano in Ometepe Island, about 4km from the village of San Ramon. Starting at the end of a 2 km four-wheel drive road out of a biological field station that borders San Ramon, it winds up through […]

Ometepe Island, Nicaragua

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Isla de Ometepe Ometepe Island, Nicaragua “Two Hills” Ometepe Island is comprised of two volcanoes rising out of Lake Nicaragua (Cocibolca or “the sweet sea”) and is the is the largest (and tallest) volcanic island in a freshwater lake in the world. This 19 mile long hourglass shaped island sits in the middle of the […]