19 Reasons to Visit the Philippines

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19 Reasons to Visit the Philippines Before going to the Philippines, it was incredible how many people asked, “Why are you going to visit the Philippines?” Like I was crazy. My answer was almost always, “Because it looks beautiful.”   Now when I’m asked, “Why did you go to the Philippines?” that answer is simply, “Because […]

El Nido Island Hopping Tour C

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El Nido Island Hopping Tour C Palawan, Philippines A few days after getting to El Nido and pretty much doing absolutely nothing, we finally broke down and booked a day tour (Tour C). Having just come off a five day Tao Expeditions trip, we had low expectations since for these day trips, instead of being off […]

Motorbiking El Nido

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Motorbiking El Nido Palawan, Philippines I didn’t even see the 90º turn in the highway until it was too late. I had enough sense not to make a high speed left turn and in seeing the road did technically continue, I knew not to slam on the brakes either. I braced myself to hit the […]

El Nido, Palawan

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El Nido Palawan, Philippines Boat life must have been tough because my first day in El Nido consisted of me switching between a hammock and chair while drinking coffee/beers and reading an entire book on our bungalow porch. I cannot remember the last time I had done that. And it was awesome. El Nido (Spanish for […]

Island Life – Tao Expeditions (Day 4)

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Island Life – Tao Expeditions (Day 4) Being the light sleeper that I am, I awoke on my stomach right before sunrise, the early morning glow just enough to light up the beach and Balatik through my bug net. Finally feeling pretty good, I grabbed my camera and tripod and crept out of the open bungalow as […]

Bioluminescence & A Dream Boat – Tao Expeditions (Day 2)

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Bioluminescence & A Dream Boat – Tao Expeditions (Day 2) Palawan, Philippines After a few hours struggling with my ‘seafood intolerance,’ I was at least functioning again, but since I was feeling weak, dazed, and unsocial so I just grabbed some water and my camera and stumbled down to the beach on Linapacan Island. I was shooting some night […]

A Filipino Fiesta – Tao Expeditions (Day 1)

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A Filipino Fiesta – Tao Expeditions (Day 1) Palawan, Philippines We had left Coron sometime mid-morning and by early afternoon, I had already begun to lose track of time. It was just time spent assimilating to boat and island life – lounging and soaking up the scenery, snorkeling through coral reefs, chillin’ on white sand beaches, eating […]

The Balatik & Tao Expeditions

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The Balatik & Tao Expeditions As I turned off my headlamp, it was nearly pitch-black out as we stood 25 meters offshore in ankle deep water. “Okay, watch.” said Gener, almost in a whisper. A moment later, he started jumping through the water and the bright purple bioluminescence lit up momentarily under his disruption. I […]

Tao Expeditions

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Tao Expeditions Palawan, Philippines The Philippine archipelago consists of 7,107 islands, one-quarter of which are in Palawan (1,780 islands), the country’s largest and westernmost province. It is considered the most remote region and the Philippines’ last frontier, a pristine ecosystem and UNESCO Biosphere Preserve endowed with habitats of coral reef, mangrove forests, and rare fauna and […]

Off the Grid with Tao Expeditions

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Off the Grid with Tao Expeditions Palawan, Philippines Many who travel yearn to go where few tourists have gone – an inkling of true exploration – But that seems harder and harder to find. Word spreads easily these days and nothing can stay relatively hidden for long. A few years ago when I went to Thailand, we […]

Coron Boat Tour & Lake Kayangan

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Coron Boat Tour & Lake Kayangan Palawan, Philippines In hindsight, I think I’m glad our initial flight from Manila to Coron had been cancelled. Had we arrived as planned, we would have probably ended up on a standard group Coron boat tour, going from stop to stop with the rest of the herd. But since our rebooked […]

Coron & Busuanga, Philippines

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Coron & Busuanga Palawan, Philippines As we flew over the sun-burnt, rolling hills of the islands of northern Palawan, Francisco B. Reyes Airport on Busuanga came in to view. It was a tiny, one-strip runway with a modest terminal to match. The prop plane skimmed the mountains and landed hard, slamming on the breaks and screeching to a halt […]