My 14 Favorite Pictures of Singapore

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My 14 Favorite Pictures of Singapore My 14 Favorite Pictures of Singapore – Over the course of three days, I walked nearly 30 miles around Singapore this past spring, which I think was pretty impressive considering how much I also took the incredibly efficient MRT around as well. I got to experience and photograph a […]

Marina Bay, Singapore

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Marina Bay Singapore Created by reclaimed land around the mouth of the Singapore River and blocked off to the sea by the Marina Barrage, Marina Bay is at the core of Singapore’s urban transformation efforts. Overlapping the Financial District, Clarke Quay, and the central Civic District, the area is comprised of some of Singapore’s most […]

Wandering Around Singapore

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Wandering Around Singapore “Spotless, efficient, safe, protected, controlled. A utopian city-state, run like a multinational company. Welcome to Singapore, Incorporated.” – Anthony Bourdain Unlike Hong Kong, I had never been through Singapore at all, but for some reason, I was just as curious to travel there as well. Maybe even more-so. Along with being a melting […]

Why Travel to Southeast Asia?

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Why Travel to Southeast Asia? I didn’t travel ‘exotically’ last year – I traveled, but nothing that required spending an entire 24+ hours to get where I was going. In the Fall, after not going ‘exotic,’ I got the travel itch to head international again. I wanted to be miserable in a coach seat for 16 […]

Unspoiled Kep, Cambodia

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Unspoiled Kep Kep, Cambodia I’ve mentioned before I’m constantly asked what my favorite part of this last trip was. Sapa was pretty sweet (despite the weather), Hoi An was amazing enough for me to spend 6 days in, and Angkor Wat was, well, Angkor Wat. In that Hoi An post, I basically proclaimed that spot topped […]

Halong Bay Cruise – In Pictures: Day 3

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Halong Bay Cruise – In Pictures: Day 3 Halong Bay, Vietnam For day three on the Halong Bay cruise, the operators give their clients the option to either head to Sung Sot Caves (“Amazing Cave”) or just hang on board before heading back in to the city and making our way back to Hanoi. I’m […]

Finally Making Some Progress

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Finally Making Some Progress I’ve been non-existent on here since I came back from Southeast Asia [insert busy/tired/lazy excuse here…] with nearly 350gbs of RAW files and video to start sorting through and now after having been back for a month, I’m finally making some good progress on processing everything. I got working real hard over the […]

Southeast Asia – 6 Months in the Making…

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Southeast Asia – 6 Months in the Making… As this posts, I am hopefully in a self-induced Ambien coma somewhere over the Pacific on my way to Phuket, Thailand. I had flown from Denver to Boston last Wednesday, spent a couple of days with my folks, and then hitched a ride with some friends down to […]