Ho Chi Minh City? Or Saigon? Or HCMC?

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Ho Chi Minh City? Or Saigon? Or HCMC? Saigon (Sài Gòn in Vietnamese) was merged with the surrounding province in 1976 and renamed Ho Chi Minh City to celebrate the reunification of north and south at the end of the Vietnam War. While Ho Chi Minh City is the new official name of the city, Saigon is […]

Phu Quoc Island… Meh

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Phu Quoc Island, Vietnam Due to an unexpected night in Ha Tien, I only got to stay on Phu Quoc for a measly 20 hours. I didn’t explore much and I didn’t see much; Mainly because it poured for 19 of those 20 hours. From what I did see during my hour of wandering, I […]

An Unexpected Stop in Ha Tien

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An Unexpected Stop in Ha Tien Ha Tien, Vietnam When traveling anywhere at all, you can make an incredibly detailed itinerary, plan everything perfectly, and then in at moments notice, it all goes to shit from some minor speed bump. When this happens, feelings are pretty much the same as the five stages of grief […]

Motorbiking to My Son

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Motorbiking to My Son Ruins Quang Nam Province, Vietnam Before I even arrived in Hoi An, I knew I wanted to go to My Son (Mỹ Sơn) so I’m not sure why I waited until the day before I left to finally rent a motorbike and make the 40km trek. But it was an awesome way end […]

Hoi An in Pictures

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Hoi An in Pictures Hoi An, Vietnam While in Hoi An, I was constantly on the move, but in a relaxed way that I really didn’t do too much. I finally achieved my romanticized goal of spending a ton of time on either a push bike or motor bike with the warm golden sun beating down […]

Hoi An Ancient Town

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Hoi An Ancient Town Hoi An, Vietnam When asking how Southeast Asia was this year, everyone’s first question is, “What was the best part?” (Always a fully loaded question.) When travelling, I am typically antsy to keep moving and I had only planned on spending two, maybe three, days in Hoi An (Hoi An Ancient […]

The Marble Mountains Outside Da Nang

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The Marble Mountains Da Nang, Vietnam The Marble Mountains, just south of Danang along the South Central Cost of Vietnam, are a cluster of five craggy marble and limestone hills, each representative of an element: Thuy Son (Water), Hoa Son (fire), Kim Son (Metal or Gold) Moc Son (wood), Tho Son (earth). The mountains are home […]

Hai Van Pass – Da Nang

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Hai Van Pass – Da Nang About 30km North of Danang is Hai Van Pass, a 21-km long winding mountain pass crossing the Bach Ma National Park and the Truong Son Mountain Range jutting into the East Vietnam Sea. The pass serves as a boundary for North and South Vietnam and in the 15th century, was […]

The Citadel & Imperial Palace of Hue

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The Citadel & Imperial Palace of Hue Hue, Vietnam My five week trip through Vietnam/Cambodia was already starting to get mentally tough. I had left New York nine days before and hadn’t seen the sun since. I had absolutely been able to enjoy some sights and scenery of Hanoi and Sapa, but it’s just not […]

Trekking in Sapa: Lao Chai & Ta Van

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Trekking in Sapa: Lao Chai & Ta Van Sapa, Vietnam I had spent four days sitting in the clouds and drinking coffee after coffee and beer after beer in downtown Sapa. Finally on my last day I told myself that no matter what the weather did, I was trekking in Sapa down to Lao Chai and Ta […]

The Trickle of Love Waterfall

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The Trickle of Love Waterfall Sapa, Vietnam Spending a ton of time wandering around the mountains on a motorbike was one of my main reasons for wanting to make the long trek all the way out to Sapa along the Chinese border. I had envisioned cruising around under a golden sun over high mountain passes, […]

Trekking Cat Cat Village in Sapa

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Trekking Cat Cat Village in Sapa Sapa, Vietnam Trekking through to local hill tribe villages through beautiful cascading rice terraces is one of the main draws behind Sapa exploding on the Vietnamese tourism map. Gloomy doesn’t really do justice to how bad the weather was when I rolled in to town so I posted up on […]

The Beautiful Mountains of Sapa

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The Beautiful Mountains of Sapa Sapa, Vietnam When researching last year’s trip to Thailand, we had read about how “cold” it got in Northern Thailand where we were heading to Chiang Mai, Chiang Dao, and Chiang Rai. For three weeks, I carried around a light-weight hoodie and a Patagonia puffy (one that balls up to […]

Back in Hanoi Vietnam

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Back in Hanoi Vietnam Hanoi, Vietnam Despite popping some Ambien mid-flight, I had barely slept during the 32 hours of traveling it took for my to get from New York City to Hanoi. My hotel got me into my room when I had arrived at noon, but too tired to even nap, I decided to […]

The Organized Chaos of Hanoi

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Organized Chaos of Hanoi Hanoi, Vietnam Hanoi was my not only the big city that I spent some time in during the my three weeks in Asia, but the first real Asian city I saw. And it was really overwhelming in the beginning. It was stifling hot with a thick haze hanging over the entire city and I […]

Halong Bay Junk Boat Cruise

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Halong Bay Junk Boat: Paloma Cruise Halong Bay, Vietnam Halong Bay Junk Boat – We had a difficult time figuring out which junkboat cruise to take in Halong Bay. Reviews on the cheaper cruises made them seem to be run-down party boats and the more expensive ones were older-folks and well, more expensive. We weren’t […]

Halong Bay Cruise – In Pictures: Day 3

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Halong Bay Cruise – In Pictures: Day 3 Halong Bay, Vietnam For day three on the Halong Bay cruise, the operators give their clients the option to either head to Sung Sot Caves (“Amazing Cave”) or just hang on board before heading back in to the city and making our way back to Hanoi. I’m […]

Cruising Halong Bay – In Pictures: Day 2

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Cruising Halong Bay – In Pictures: Day 2 Halong Bay, Vietnam During day two of cruising Halong Bay, the twelve of us who were staying another night were offloaded onto a smaller junkboat and shuttled to the “secluded” (only 10 other boats around us…) Lan Ha Bay and Soi Sim Island for a day of kayaking though […]

Halong Bay in Pictures: Day 1

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Halong Bay in Pictures: Day 1 Halong Bay, Vietnam Halong Bay in northern Vietnam is an amazing area comprised of around 1,600 islands and islets with limestone pillars rising right out of the water. Located in the Gulf of Tonkin within Quang Ninh Province, it’s on the UNESCO World Heritage Site for both its natural […]