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The Final Shot – Lake Moraine

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The Final Shot – Lake Moraine
Banff National Park, Alberta

The Great Road Trip of 2015

Before heading back south, I had one more morning to shoot at Lake Moraine. I climbed the rockpile overlook, fired up the JetBoil for some coffee, and waiting for the sunrise.

A lot of times, adventure photography is much better with a person (model) in the shot, which adds a familiar element to the frame and to provide a sense of scale in the landscape. Chris Burkard‘s incredible work is a prime, prime example of that and it seems rare to see a shot of his without someone in it. I’ve made an effort to start doing this more in my shots, but traveling solo a lot of the time makes it more difficult.

I was pretty excited to look down and see someone pumping up their SUP in the parking lot…

(The SUP’er turned out to be a local from Banff, Sue Shih)

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