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Travel Southeast Asia: Why I Went to “the Same Place”

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Travel Southeast Asia: Why I Went to “the Same Place”

Travel Southeast Asia – I’m traveling around Southeast Asia right now, exactly a year after I first went to Thailand, Laos, and Vietnam. When I made the decision to head to Vietnam and Cambodia this time, a lot of people (including my parents) asked me why I’d want to go “back to the same place” I went last Fall. Well okay, technically I was in Vietnam last year. And yeah, I’m flying back into Hanoi where I’ve already spent a few days. But just because I’m in a region of the world I’ve been doesn’t mean it’s “the same place.” That’s like saying, “Well you’ve seen San Francisco so why bother visiting New York? It’s still America.”

Last year’s trip was absolutely incredible and a lot of planning went in to it, particularly while narrowing down where the six (seven of us, at times) of us wanted to go over the course of three weeks. Southeast Asia’s an amazing area with a ton of popular destinations. We naturally had to skip a lot of stuff we had read about because we simply couldn’t fit it in; Three weeks isn’t that long. Even if we had been able to spend six months traveling around the region, we probably still would have only scratched the surface. Not to diminish the trip because it was incredible, but in a way, overdoing our research last year sort of made the trip seem relatively incomplete once I came home.

Travel Southeast Asia

If you were to look at a map, it’s almost like I’m now essentially completing an unfinished loop – Last year I went to parts of Southern Thailand (Phuket / Phi Phi / Krabi), Northern Thailand (Chiang Mai / Chiang Dao / Chiang Rai / Chiang Khong), Northern Laos (Nong Khiaw / Luang Prabang), and Northern Vietnam (Hanoi / Halong Bay). This year, I’ll start in Northern Vietnam (Hanoi / Sapa), work my way to the central area (Hue / Danang / Hoi An), head down south (Saigon / Mekong Delta / Phu Quoc Island), and over into Cambodia (Siem Reap (Angkor Wat) / Phnom Pehn / Sihnoukaville / Kampot).

So yes, I went “back to the same place.”
To see entirely new things and places.

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