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Turret Arch through North Window…

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Turret Arch through the North Window
Arches National Park, Utah

Turret Arch through the North Window – When I was at Landscape Arch the day before, I had talked to another amateur photographer, who told me he had shot Turret Arch through North Window, but he was also among 30 people clamoring for a spot on the tiny outcrop. I had been there before and I knew what the coveted perch was like for this shot and there’s really enough room for two, maybe three people comfortably to get the ‘famous’ angle I was after.

I was in complete disbelief when I got to the Windows parking lot a little after 5:45 a.m. to find I was the only one there. In the dark, I clambered up to the outcropping, sat back, and waited.

Turret Arch Through North Window Arches National Park Utah

One by one people did start to arrive, but nothing like the droves I had expected and seen the past few days. But to my dismay, people actually started to set up tripods and hanging out IN the north window. Shooting what? I have no idea! One lady even waved and smiled at me – I’m sure she thought she was being nice, but to me, it felt more like she was mocking me, knowing what a pain in the ass it was going to be for me to have to Photoshop them out of every picture.

Turret Arch Through North Window Arches National Park Utah

Due to some high clouds to the east, I only got a soft glow on the rocks and it only lasted a moment. 

Turret Arch Through North Window Arches National Park Utah

As I got back to my car, the Windows area was starting to get its usual tour bus and family activity so I went over to Panorama Point, broke out the stove to heat up a burrito, and sat back in the camp chair to enjoy the rest of the sunrise over the LaSals. I was exhausted from a restless night with an air mattress that didn’t hold air, but as I sat there, I couldn’t help feel pretty amped up about this trip. It turned out to be pretty much what I expected and had hoped for. 

Arches National Park Utah

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