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Wandering Around Singapore

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Wandering Around Singapore

“Spotless, efficient, safe, protected, controlled. A utopian city-state, run like a multinational company. Welcome to Singapore, Incorporated.” – Anthony Bourdain

Unlike Hong Kong, I had never been through Singapore at all, but for some reason, I was just as curious to travel there as well. Maybe even more-so. Along with being a melting pot of cultures and a ‘city in a garden,’ Singapore’s known for its transformation from a third-world to first-world country and global financial hub within a generation. It’s a booming metropolis that’s clean, safe, and efficient – all appealing attributes for my OCD-ass. And even more important it looked like an absolutely stunning place to wander around and photograph for a couple of days on my way from Hong Kong to Bali.


The skyline of Singapore from the Marina Barrage


Sunset over Marina Bay


Supertrees in the Gardens by the Bay

“One could be forgiven for thinking it’s a giant, ultramodern shopping mall. An interconnected, fully wired, air-conditioned nanny state. Where everything is beautiful and nothing hurts. And those things are … kind of true, especially if you read the papers or the carefully monitored internet. You look around the litterless streets, where everything seems to work just fine, and you think—or you could be forgiven for thinking—‘Gee, maybe a one-party system is just what we need.’ You look at all the social problems and ethnic strife, street crime, drugs that Singapore has managed to avoid and you could think, ‘Is this the life we want?’ It ain’t my system, it’s not the world I want, but damn—it has its appeal.” – Anthony Bourdain

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